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Call Us Today!
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Leslie William Jow DDS Inc.
3151 S. White Rd., Suite 208
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Leslie William Jow DDS Inc. offers a range of dental services, for all ages in your family and for all levels of severity. From simple cleanings to custom implants, we’re ready to give you that perfect smile and make sure it stays that way!

Whitening and Bleaching - Leslie William Jow DDS Inc. offers many different methods to increase the brightness and whitening of your smile.  Whitening uses a bleaching technique to eliminate stains caused by antibiotics, coffee, smoking or other causes.

Dental Implants Restoration - Implants are a reliable means of permanent tooth replacement. They are artificial teeth held in place permanently below the gum line and are usually used to treat tooth loss from accidents, natural defects or tooth decay.

Veneers - Veneers can fix misaligned teeth and fill gaps by placing a thin shell of porcelain, ceramic or composite material. This simple process can make your smile look healthier and more natural.

Fillings and Bonding - Leslie William Jow DDS Inc. uses resins and tooth-colored material to create a strong filling that blends naturally with the color of your teeth.  Bonding resin is minimally invasive and pain-free. Both fillings and bonding repairs cracks and gaps in the teeth, ensuring their protection.

Crowns and Bridges - Crowns (also known as caps) are used on damaged teeth to restore their natural function and appearance.  Bridges will replace an entirely missing or lost tooth with a durable resin.

Periodontal Therapy - One of the most important aspects of dental health is routine maintenance and checkups.  Our office will provide an initial evaluation and recommend treatment, which can range from anything from normal cleaning to grafting or root planing.

Root Canals - Root canals are a common alternative to complete tooth extraction. If you are suffering severe tooth decay, a root canal procedure will include the cleaning of the infected area followed by a filling and crown.

Dentures - Unlike implants, dentures are removable teeth replacement appliances.  Dentures can be both partial and full depending on how many teeth need replacement.